Rabbi Dr. J.B. Sacks has been serving Congregation Am HaYam since January, 2012. He stepped in after the death of beloved Rabbi Gerald Hanig, Am HaYam’s only other rabbi since it was founded 13 years ago. Rabbi Sacks has re-energized our community with new ideas, new programs, and new music.

Vibrant Jewish Life in Ventura County

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Am HaYam literally means "People of the Sea." Many of us have come to Ventura County to escape the heat and crowds of the big cities. West County offers ocean breezes, a relaxed lifestyle and the myriad joys of life between the bountiful agricultural lands and the endless blue sea. 

As the only Conservative community between Thousand Oaks and San Luis Obispo, we are voyagers on a spiritual sea joined together by our Jewish heritage and traditions and enriched by the diversity of our Jewish experiences. From wherever we have come, we share the blessings of community and the healing touch of friends and faith.  We are more than just another synagogue. We are family. Let us make this journey together.




Congregation Am HaYam

You are invited to get to know us by attending our regularly scheduled Shabbat services:

Held on the First and Third Friday of every month at 8pm, as well as the following Shabbat morning at 10am.

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Providing a home for Conservative

Jews and a place to meet new friends in a hamish atmosphere. 

hamish - adjective : a cozy place filled with warmth​, a​ pleasant and familiar​​​ feeling. 

For many of us, Congregation Am HaYam is the third or fourth temple we have affiliated with. First it was for our own Jewish education, later for our children's... Now we come to pray and study and celebrate together because it is what WE want to do.  Our Hebrew may be rusty and we may be a bit ritually challenged, but with open minds and open hearts and warm smiles we will make this spiritual journey joyously together.

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your home for Conservative Judaism in Ventura County

On behalf of our Board, and our entire community, let me welcome you to the Congregation Am HaYam website. My husband, Arnie and I moved to Oxnard in 1996 and joined Congregation Am HaYam in 1997.  We were thrilled to find a Conservative Synagogue to belong to and have not been disappointed with our decision.


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